Tree Technology S.A.


Tree Technology is an R&D-performing company providing information and communication technology solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. TREE works within an open innovation model to provide their customers with advanced ICT solutions, helping them to optimise their processes and improve their business. R&D activities, cooperative initiatives, are key to the company business model in assessing the maturity of emerging technologies, gathering new and differential knowledge, and identifying strategic partners to create new business opportunities.
The R&D unit focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, integrating emerging technologies as part of the Smart Data ecosystem. In this context, Computer Vision, Visual Analytics, Machine Learning and Analytics occupy a relevant position among the company’s research lines.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

In HEIDI, TREE will focus on the preparation of the ethical guidelines and procedures for tests involving participants, the monitorization of compliance with these ethical principles, and will lead the dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities.