Reutlingen University


Reutlingen University is one of Germany’s leading universities, offering international academic programmes with close ties to industry and commerce. Reutlingen University offers 46 degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, in which we train top executives, engineers, researchers and artists of the future both in professional and personal development. Reutlingen University has been consecutively ranked for several years among the top performing educational institutions in Germany, reflecting the high standards of our programmes and the top-class academic education we provide. All our degree programmes are accredited with internationally respected agencies. The cognitive systems research group (CogSys) at Reutlingen University’s Computer Science department is a very experienced research partner for both academia and industry and has been involved in many AI research projects in the automotive area.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

CogSys coordinates the work package for eHMI development and external sensing activities, while also contributing to most other work packages. CogSys develops dedicated interactive, human-centric data generation and VR simulation scenarios and human motion co-simulations allowing to develop interactive eHMIs. Based on this, novel sensor-based technology for advanced human understanding to steer a fluent automotive HMI is developed and demonstrated.

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