Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH


HRI-EU is part of the Global Network Honda Research Institutes, conducting advanced research in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent systems. INNOVATE through SCIENCE is HRI’s philosophy.
With about 50 scientists and researchers HRI-EU develops novel technologies and provides innovative solutions, supporting Honda’s current and future technology roadmap. Application domains of HRI-EU’s research topics range from robotics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and energy management to privacy by design, software systems, human-machine interfaces, and optimization.
Providing new ideas, concepts, and insights through early research projects with experts of different backgrounds, HRI-EU envisions intelligent systems to work among us, for us and with us in the future. HRI-EU refers to this as Cooperative Intelligence.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

In the HEIDI project HRI-EU’s contributions focus on research and technological artifacts in the context of cooperative driving. This includes traffic situation analysis in complex scenarios, behavior planning with multiple entities to find solutions beneficial for all parties, communication of behavior recommendations to the ego driver as well as external participants via internal and external HMIs, as well as behavior tracking to assess the impact of the communication to all parties.