Beginning of June 2024 the 35th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium took place on Jeju Island, South Korea.

4 HEIDI partners presented first results of the project covering the topics of:

➡ “Investigating Drivers’ Awareness of Pedestrians Using Virtual Reality towards Modeling the Impact of External Factors”, Nair, Rehmann, de la Rosa, Curio, by Reutlingen University,
➡”Enabling Cooperative Pedestrian-Vehicle Interactions using an eHMI”, Amann, Probst, Wenzel, Weisswange, by Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH,
➡”Vehicle Lane Change Prediction based on Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Bayesian Inference”, Manzour, Ballardini, Iziquierdo, Sotelo
➡”Knowledge-based explainable pedestrian behaviour predictor”, Melo, Herrera, Salinas, Sotelo, both by Universidad de Alcalá.

Congratulations to all presenters!